SEO Tricks – Use Instagram to Create Brand Awareness

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Poor quality SEO may not follow Instagram. The reason is that it is totally a waste of time and money. Looking at the basic level, there can be some explanation why some SEO strategies tend to ignore photo-sharing social media platforms like Instagram. After all, search engine optimization revolves primarily around getting high quality backward links to make the website climb to the top of Google’s search engine ladder.

What about Instagram? “Well, not all the links follow up properly.” But the truth is that social signals, no matter which platform it takes place on, will always have some kind of effect on the SERP ranking.

If you are trying to overlook Instagram, you may well be missing the big picture. 

Ignoring Instagram can be fatal and you might miss out on some massive followers. Instagram is regarded as the largest social network, which provides access to nearly 100 million active users on a monthly basis. Every second, there are some 10000 likes and 5000 comments being applied to Instagram posts. Now, this is what we can call brand engagement.

Try to think outside the box

The SEO strategy need not have to be some specific platform-based one. How about organizing a slideshow of images from all those users who have tagged your hashtag on their posts? Sounds interesting! It will not only drive traffic to the site, but also encourage more people to get involved to frame their fame.

Have clear understanding of hashtags and keywords

Use the hashtags and keywords on photos shared through Instagram to make your Internet marketing strategy achieve success on a long-term basis. For any image posted on Instagram, keywords must be placed in the title section. It is the caption of your photo, which will act as tweet in Twitter and caption for Facebook posts. You can use Instamacro to check your Instagram posts, their status and follower updates.

The importance of hashtags

Hashtags are crucial for all Instagram users. They make it easier for people to figure out your posted images in the Instagram platform. Hashtags can be beneficial in increasing the follower list for a specific post. Do you want to promote content through Instagram? Create custom hashtags and it would become easier to organize content and promote brand awareness.

Creativity is the key to success

Creativity is required to make social media platform a key element to promote your business. Think about Twitter: the more people you follow and more engaging the posts you share, more people will follow you back. Instagram has something similar. Use its search and hashtags to figure out those people who are talking about your brand or products. In short, try to target relevant users. Any Instagram user has the permission to tweet photos that are uploaded by other users. At the same time, you can also comment or like photo posts of your fans. You can also follow them. But just try to be authentic and maintain a personal stature while interacting. It’s important. Remember, people will never love to interact with random marketers who try to intrude on their social space. Unless you have something relevant to share, the approach to use Instagram as a business promotional platform may backfire.

Use Instagram to build your audience base. It can be an effective social media platform to promote your brand and gain organic traffic for free. Use it to increase  the brand engagement part and uncover opportunities to achieve best coverage on new sites, blogs and social media platforms.

Author Bio: Evans walsh is a blogger and SEO expert. Be it Instamacro or other Instagram apps, he has tried and tested it all. In this article, he provides insight into the benefits Instagram brings to modern day entrepreneurs.

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