Technical Debt Can Affect Your Digital Transformation

tech debt

The world is in the middle of new technologies and digital transformation, and it is therefore utterly necessary to have your codes produced absolutely error free so that you do not accumulate any technical debt. These debts disrupt digitalization and can also choke your company to death if left unattended for long. To thrive in this modern digital world, you have to keep pace with the latest and newest developments and stay abreast with it. Not doing so may lead to severe consequences and therefore you must have adequate budget and scope for investment in project analysis, designing, initiating new technologies and much more.

Technical Debt And Architectural Debt

You have to know the difference between technical debt and architectural debt to solve the problem so that you can effectively manage your budget which you have to spend on fixing legacy codes. This would help you to have enough money in hand left to invest in newer technologies. This new technology is known as the architectural debt which is a result of technical debt. The defective codes impact in the communication among different teams which results in an incomplete understanding of working of the system. This debt is increasing every day as more and more companies are investing in disruptive and faulty technologies along with unproven domains.

Pay Back Your Tech Debt

Like any financial debt in your personal life, tech debt also needs to be paid back effectively and on time and should not be allowed to accumulate to reach unmanageable proportions. Therefore, you have to allocate a considerable amount of money every year for the maintenance of the system and repair all the issues arising from tech debt so that the system continues to meet all your needs. It can be done best by prioritizing the tech debts while addressing them regularly just like you would do for credit card debt consolidation. If you pay back your debt, then your company is not derailed from new initiatives and digital transformation.

Types Of Debt To Consider 

There are two types of tech debt you should consider to prevent tech debt affecting digital transformation. First of all, there are the accumulated debts due to legacy systems. For reducing such tech debts, you must have long term plan for measuring the amount of technical debt. Apart from this, you have the future technical debts which are the consequence of the systems which you are building today. Once you know the tech debt type and the requirement of your business from the system you can be sure of building the perfect systems for your organization.

Do Not Ignore

Admittance and addressing are the two prime characteristic features of a successful business, and you must not ignore tech debt once you identify it in your project. Upgrade framework and libraries, implement unit tests, allocate sufficient time and effort and learn from your mistakes so that you do not repeat it in your future projects. All these steps would ensure quick and effective addressing of your defective codes while simplifying and improving its maintainability and comprehensibility.

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