Use Tech Debt Indicators To Start Software Quality Management Project


Time spent on defective codes count as the interest of tech debt. More time you spent on refactoring, more is the interest. Therefore management of the quality of the code is the primary objective of a software company and using the tech debt indicators is the best way to start. Tech debt results in a delay in the further release of a product as your development team work on refactoring, architecture optimizing, bug fixing willingly or unwillingly. This is a constant process and must not be ignored or delayed as more you delay more is the interest you pay for it. Moreover, as your tech debt accumulates it affects your productivity, reactivity, innovation and competitiveness.

Indicator With High ROI

If you want to improve o the agility of your team and creativity, then a tech debt indicator with high return on investment can be very useful. It will help you to highlight the difference in the quality of any software artifact and other requirements like security, robustness, maintainability, reliability and much more. Any nonconformity found in the project can be identified and can be handled easily. These tech debt indicators would also help you to understand the development operations, the workload on each task postponed. The hasty and poor deliverance of products would affect the quality, and these indicators measure the total debt.

Benefits Of Such Indicators

These indicators are the simplest and easy to deploy. Tech debts are computed by the nonconformities and the cumulative workloads which are easily done in an excel sheet. You can also reconcile both technical and managerial visions as you can provide the stakeholders with relevant, non-ambiguous and easily understandable information. You can use a common framework on which you and your team can act on quality issues of software. Another huge advantage of tech debt indicator is that it is objectified and task oriented by nature. When you know the non-conformities of the code, its documentation and requirements it becomes easy for you to list the further course of action to reduce tech debt.

Use For Indicators

Just like you have several options and solutions to reduce and repay your credit card debt you can do the same in the case of tech debt reduction as well. There are different ready to use and dedicated versions of well-defined and packaged tech debt indicators. These quality models can be customized easily to fit into the context of your project and provide you with results in minutes. Apart from easy and effective monitoring of your project they also provide suggestions and advice for the required action plans to reduce tech debt effectively.

Different Solutions Of It

You can use a turnkey model for analysis which has various standard control points to measure and manage tech debt. There are also rating systems with which you can grade the tech debt and provide relevant information regarding work days and currency. You can highlight risks and quality issues of any project with the drill down features and also take into account all the code collected data, financial requirement and much more for effective reduction of tech debt.

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