Useful Facts And Information About Tech Debt To Be Knowledgeable

tech debt

When it comes to financial debt, it is easy to understand the need, the consequence, the amount involved and much more for the simple reason that everything can be expressed in terms of money. Therefore, it is the figure or the number which facilitates easy understanding. But in the case of technical debt which is an unavoidable element in every software development and engineering company, it is difficult to understand the importance of it and the reason why it must be refactored to keep fully functional because it cannot be expressed in figures. But there is effective tools and software which can be used to quantify it and help in easy refactoring.

Tech Debt And Code Quality

When there is tech debt existing in your code, then it inevitably affects the quality of the code and its functionality in the long run. Therefore, when an arbitrary number is ascertained to tech debt and its lines of codes, you can come to know the degree of the existing defect and how much it would affect the code. The number merely helps you to prioritize the debts but do not say anything about the defects and the ways with which it can be addressed. It is the job of your development team to find effective ways, and it is also their responsibility not to ignore it for long.

Tech Debt Is Unavoidable

You may argue that if you give enough time and effort to design error-free and effective codes then why would there be any technical debt in the first place. The reason for its existence may be varied, and mostly it is due to the constant pressure given to the development team t0o deliver products on time along with better and newer innovations. To meet the deadline, the development team produces codes hastily without running any tests and releasing it for the user. This results in continuous debt accumulation.

Two Forms Of Debt

You may know that tech debts are two major types, explicit and implicit. Implicit tech debts are just like any compound interest which gets accumulated over time and it is, therefore, necessary for every software company to find ways and time to deal with the increasing complexity of codes and develop the poor structural quality. Delaying for a long time would mean additional workarounds which would make refactoring even harder. You can check online to know the consequences of delaying in technical debt repayment. Do not forget to even check out for credit card consolidation loans which is much popular these days and if you are too using credit cards then it becomes more important for you to know about it. You might find it useful too in some way or the other.

Good And Bad Debt

Just like financial debt, tech debt can also be good or bad provided all of it is managed well and repaid on time. When you write a code and release it early knowing that there are minor defects in it which can be rectified later and would not affect much in the functionality of the code, your business might have a competitive edge, gain market share and meet the needs of customers. The only way to keep it good is to have visibility on the quality of it, repay on time and all the mechanisms for identifying, measuring and controlling tech debt.

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