The Best Types of Ad Extensions for PPC Advertising


Ad extensions can make your PPC advertising a lot more effective. But are you aware of the different types of ad extensions that can help your business?

PPC advertising can help your business earn a more visible profile on search engines like Google. They make your add more prominent on the screen. What’s more, you don’t really need too much time to set up your ad extensions, but you can have them displayed without having to pay extra.

This leads to the question of what type of ad extension to use for your PPC ad. Here are some of the more common ad extensions that may be most suitable for your needs.

  1. Location extensions. This extension provides the address for your business, as well as a link to a map the readers can consult. This is an extension that works best for businesses that have a brick and mortar location for customers to do business in. These include dental and medical clinics, lawyer offices, and coffee shops and groceries.

These extensions can help your potential customers find your location. Many customers may also pick a business depending on the location, or its proximity to their home or workplace. Obviously, potential customer won’t bother visiting a coffee that’s on the other side of town from where they live or work.

  1. Call extensions. Location extensions can come with both the address and the phone number, but with this extension you just feature your phone number. This works well with businesses that tend to communicate mostly with people over the phone. The call extension link may even enable smartphone users to dial the number automatically.

This type of extension works best for businesses that provide services in and to the homes of their customers. These include plumbing services, pest control, and delivery services.

  1. Site link extensions. This is when you have several links under your main ad text that leads to different landing sites. So let’s say you manage a pest extermination service, you can have links for problems such as rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, and termites. If you sell vehicle accessories, the links can lead to cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

Adding site links can really increase the click through rate for your PPC ad, as Google studies have discovered. That’s true even when they don’t click the site link extensions. That’s probably because the subcategories enhance your reputation by listing the different services and products you offer.

  1. Offer extensions. This type lets you add relevant offers within your ad. You can offer discounts on certain items, or free shipping within a certain period. So you can post copy about how shipping is free for purchases over $35 or that discounts are available for the next 2 weeks.

These extensions help differentiate your business from your competition when you offer discounts and freebies.  Lots of customers like getting the better of a deal.

  1. App extensions. Are you thinking about offering an app for your customers to download? If that’s the case, this app is an obvious extension to use. The link leads your customers directly to the download page, where you can describe the various features and benefits they can bring to your customers.

You may need to upgrade your campaign status to enable some of these extensions. Google may add other extensions, such as ratings, automatically. For best results, you should consult a professional for help in the setup procedures. This is just one facet of PPC advertising that can make your business much more successful.

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