How to come up with the best Niche for your Blog


Two things that people do wrong when they decide to get into blogging is choose a niche for the wrong reasons. One: Passion. When you are passionate about a topic, it shows in your writing. You are flawless and your audience identifies with you. Unfortunately, passion alone will not put food on the table and so you may notice after a year of laboring that your chosen niche will never make you much money.

Two: Profitability. If you only choose a niche for the money, you will not be as passionate when writing about it because your heart will not be in it. Say you start a site about Cell Phone Repair Danforth and yet you know close to nothing about the subject apart from what you read online. Well, we can all tell how far that would go.

So, how do you choose the perfect niche for your blog?

  • Passion plus Profitability

Passion is a key ingredient for successful blogging. If you are to be able to churn content every week, then the topic should be interesting enough so it doesn’t feel like work. How do you know that a niche is profitable? Some of the key indicators are the ability to attract advertisers, available affiliate program and success stories from other bloggers doing the same thing.

  • Choose a Niche that Allows for Exploration

Some niches are too restricting and you find yourself running out of content after a short while. A better niche is the kind that allows you to explore further into other areas that are interrelated without feeling as though you have veered too far from home. Say you write about health; you can broadly look into lifestyle diseases, technology coming up that touches on your niche, and even cosmetic surgery in relation to one’s overall health.

  • What do you bring to the Table?

Is your blog going to add anything new to your niche? Honestly, this is not really a prerequisite for success, but it would be great if your blog can contribute information that others in your niche are not talking about. It sets you apart.

  • Look at the Trends

If you are stuck and need ideas on where to start, then the best seller list on Amazon could be a great place to start. If your blog is on product reviews, then the trends on this giant online market would give you a good idea on what people are spending their money on. Magazines can give you a good idea on what to write about too. If their readers love it, then you could get to them before the next edition is printed.

Why Choose a Niche at All?

Some people choose to be jacks of all trades, but it is wiser to have a niche. Why? Because writing and researching on a certain topic makes you an expert at it, making you a reliable source of information. It also makes it easy to monetize our blog as you are eligible to affiliate programs and targeted advertisement.

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