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The 20 best free SEO tools that you should know

SEO has become essential for brands, companies, and organizations to position themselves in search engines’ first entries and thus increase traffic to their web pages. Next, we show you the 20 free SEO tools that you can use to improve your website’s visibility and attract more visits than ever, do not miss it!

20 free SEO tools that you can’t miss

SEO tools

1 # Google Analytics

It is an indispensable tool that every marketer and SEO should know. With it, you can perform analysis and see your website’s performance, obtain information on conversions of visits, and technical analysis reports (advertising, social networks, content, etc.)

2 # Google Search Console

One of the best extensions that Google can offer you is to eliminate harmful URLs and backlinks from your website, among others.; Also, it offers detailed reports on search analytics, crawl errors, and searches on your website.

3 # Google Keyword Planner

It is one of the most practical free SEO tools for finding keywords. The keywords are an essential element of SEO. They help us better position our website by making search engine algorithms see a page’s content as relevant and of interest to users. With this tool, you will find keyword suggestions and information on how often they are searched and changes over time.

4 # Google Trends

With Google Trends, we can detect which search trends are occurring nationally and internationally. This tool allows you to observe the most active searches depending on the geographical area, the trend lists of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

5 # Google Page Speed Insights

One of the essential aspects of improving the user experience is increasing the loading speed, which will also improve your web positioning or SEO. With this tool, you can analyze and optimize the page speed of your web page or blog.

6 # Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Users increasingly access the internet from their mobile phones with more frequency. Therefore, your customers will also be browsing your website from this device. This Google tool allows you to optimize your website so that your users’ experience is just as good as any device.

7 # Google My Business

One of the most useful free SEO tools; in your profile is adding all the information about your company that may be attractive to potential clients. Additionally, through Google My Business, you narrow the distance between you and your users, creating the kind of dialogue that catches the eye of search engine algorithms.

8 # Google Business Review Link Generator by White spark

It is essential that your customers can easily find you online. It is also vital that when they have something to say about their experience with your company (especially if it is something positive), they have a place to do it. With this tool, you can create personalized links to send to your clients and have them write their opinions directly on your Google profile.

9 # Semrush

A complete freemium model SEO tool; some of the free features include keyword research or competitor analysis. If you decide to invest more in SEO, you also have a payment option that allows you to do wonders. Until then, you can also enjoy the benefits of SEOquake, an affiliated Chrome extension with many features.

10 # Microsoft Is SEO Toolkit

This extension allows you to carry out a detailed analysis of your page, manage robots.txt files and Manage Indexes and Sitemap Files to Control How Search Engines Interact with Your Page’s Content.

11 # Keyword Generator by Ahrefs

Ahrefs keyword generator brings the first 100 keyword ideas for any seed keyword or phrase from our database. Shows the estimated search volume for each suggestion;

12 # Ubersuggest

It is a fantastic tool for finding keywords as it provides you with the number of searches by word and by geographic region and shows you the pages with the best positioning that contain those keywords.

13 # Answer the Public

If you want to know what people are looking for (and how could you not like it, if it is the best way to create relevant content?) This is the perfect tool. Answer the Public shows you searches related to the keywords you enter. This way, you will know precisely what your audience’s needs are, and you will be able to supply them.

14 # Screaming Frog

This is one of the most used tools for SEO audits. In the free version, up to 500 URLs can be analyzed. Thanks to Screaming Frog, you can quickly eliminate all SEO errors from your website. And if you want to go further, you can always bet on the paid version, which allows you to analyze unlimited URLs.

15 # Serprobot

Knowing where your website ranks in search engines is essential to control your SEO strategy. That is precisely what this tool offers you. This way, you can determine exactly what works and what needs improvement.

16 # Outdated Content Finder

Just like the name says, Outdated Content Finder helps you find outdated content on your website. It’s that simple and that essential. To keep your range in top condition, you need to know what needs to be updated.

17 # Copyscape

This is one of the oldest and free SEO tools out there today. Fully recommended both to control possible plagiarism cases and know who shares your content and if they link them to your site (and if they do not, be able to ask them to do so).

18 # Link-Assistant

Part of SEO Power Suite (but accessible), this tool allows you to analyze the ranking of your keywords and analyze the competition and analyze on-site SEO of your website. Almost everything, well, except saving your campaigns, but still, it is one of the complete free SEO tools.

19 # Open Link Profiler

A free SEO tool to check the backlinks of your website; enter a domain in the search bar and let it do the rest;

20 # Ifttt

It may not be one of the most apparent free SEO tools, but it is no less helpful for that. The perfect way to automate and synchronize almost everything in your life, from every day to your marketing tools; among other things, it facilitates the flow of content through your different social networks. When everything goes together, it’s easier to produce content that’s true to your brand and relevant to your audience.

Have you used any of these free SEO tools? Would you recommend any other? We would love to hear from you! If you have something to share, feel free to leave a comment.


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