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RSS Launch

Automated Links, Traffic, and Subscribers

Click and Tweet/FB share for free RSS submitter

  • Fully automated solution
  • Totally FREE
  • Submits to Quality and Working aggregators
  • Builds links, traffic, and subscribers
  • Supports All 3 major Captcha breaking services

Submits to the following sites:

Fully Automated:

  1. Ice Rocket
  2. GoldenFeed
  3. Feedgy
  4. Read A Blog
  5. FeedPlex
  6. Plazoo
  7. RDF Ticker
  8. Blogdigger
  9. Million RSS
  10. Feed Shark
  11. 4 Guys From Rolla
  12. Leigh RSS
  13. X Meta
  14. Blog Pulse


  1. RSS Network
  2. 5 z 5
  3. Feed Listing
  4. Feed See
  5. RSS Chomp
  6. RSS Top 10
  7. URL Fan
  8. Blog Bunch

Why did I make RSS Launch?

There were paid solutions that I didn’t want to buy and also had mixed reviews.  There are other free RSS feed submitters available, but I found that they are very glitchy and I don’t trust them.

With RSS Launch you can watch EXACTLY what the software is doing so you KNOW that it is submitting properly.

There are some RSS sites that require a login to submit, you can find them here in this RSS directories list I put together.

Did you know?

I built this RSS submission software myself with Ubot Studio and I don’t know the first thing about programming.  I just make software to automate tasks whenever I need something automated.  You can read my full review of Ubot Studio here.

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