Tips for video marketing

Youtube website is the largest video sharing, with more than 800 million monthly visits. If you are a business owner or brand, and are looking to promote it through internet, you cannot ignore this powerful tool. YouTube gives you…


Top 10 Fun Facts About Paper You Didn’t Know

Everyone utilizes paper each and every day, and it is sometimes easy to underestimate in the any workplace e.g. HR. The notepads we write on, keeping in flies and jotting down our shopping list on, holds a significant number…


The SEO Post You NEED to Read

Ranking websites requires lots of complex knowledge and link building skills. Or does it…? If you’re a blogger or a small business owner who can’t afford professional SEO services or spend hours on SEO, this is what you need:…

Link Building strategies

Video SEO Marketing

This is my video SEO strategy: I have 2 goals for my video marketing: Drive traffic Make money I think we can all get behind that. This is a monster-length, crazy in-depth post, so I split it into 2…


How I Got 6,000 Links in 1 Hour

Believe or not, I am going to show you how I got 6,000 links in under an hour (without spamming). And it’s actually quite easy… Websites come and go online. Webmasters build sites and grow their audience, and sometimes…

Link Building strategies

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is not only an excellent way to build links to your site, it’s a great way to grow your reputation and social following.  Few other link building techniques have such a broad range of benefits. It is…

article marketing
Link Building strategies

Article marketing

Article marketing means a lot of different things to different people, so let’s start by defining our purpose for “article marketing” first.  Our goal for article marketing is to create backlinks and also to drive traffic.  How you choose…

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5 Killer Link Baiting & Viral Marketing Posts

Link baiting is a white-hat link building technique. In short, it involves creating an exceptional piece of content (blog post, video, infographic, etc.) and promoting it through social channels to make it go viral. This results in links and…