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Niche Finder Review

What is Niche Finder?


Niche Finder is a keyword research tool that simplifies the research process.  It creates a list of related keywords based on you root keyword, and then provides a series of metrics for you.  The keywords are very easy to re-organize and analyze with just the use of Niche Finder.

Keyword research is pivotal to your SEO success, but it can be crazy and complicated at times.  Finding a great keyword can be the difference between tons of cash and no $$.  Finding a worthwhile keyword to target means finding a keyword with:

  • good search volume
  • not too much competition
  • buy ready or targeted traffic

Between those three things you can end up with a lot on your plate – it’s a lot of data to crunch and qualitative info to balance.  Is this keyword going to bring the right kind of traffic?  Can I even rank for this keyword?  Brad Callen’s Niche Finder is an easy-to-use tool that simplifies the whole process from start to finish.

All you do is enter one keyword you have in mind and Niche Finder provides you with tons of competitive analysis:

You get competition levels for your root keyword and many more that it comes up with for you.  You can organize the results by difficulty, global searches, avg. links, and more.

There is one thing more than anything else that I HATE about most keyword tools:

They SUCK at gauging competition!

Other keyword tools look at either very few factors or just the wrong aspects in general.  Niche Finder does a great job of understanding how difficult a keyword is to rank for.  It balances the difficulty levels between the number of search, the average number of links, and the cost per click of an ad for that keyword.  What’s more, when you’re ready to really get your hands on a keyword for more in-depth competition analysis, you can click on the results column and go straight to the SERPs for the keyword.

Niche Finder combines all elements of keyword research in one simple go-to tool.  It quickly helps you…

  • Discover new keywords
  • Effectively and accurately analyze your competition
  • Check the current rankings
  • Find search volume for your keywords

If you want an affordable and easy to use all-in-one keyword research tool then Niche Finder is definitely the software you’ve been looking for.

Now stop reading this review and…

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