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Traffic Kaboom Review

Traffic Kaboom is an automated link building solution.

While it is essentially a blog network like BMR, it operates more like Article Marketing Automation or Article Ranks.  To further elaborate…

Traffic Kaboom helps you build links by syndicating articles that you submit.  They have thousands of websites in their network that they publish your content to, up to 3 articles a day (more if you add your own sites).

One very interesting and unique feature that TK has is it’s functionality as a video syndication program.  You can embed Youtube videos within your articles which allows you to increase your video rankings simultaneously while you build your other rankings.

I think this is a HIGHLY overlooked and under-marketed aspect of TrafficKaboom.

At a Glance:

  • Average Pagerank: 0.5
  • Average Syndication Count: 15
  • Length Requirement: 200 Words
  • Size of Network: Thousands
  • Cost: $197/3 months

My 8 factors for grading the quality of a blog network or article distribution program:

  • SERP movement
  • PageRank distribution
  • Site diversity
  • Level of distribution
  • Niche specific or non-niche specific
  • Length of time on homepage
  • Indexation
  • Ease of Use

I use these 8 critical factors to review blog networks and similar article syndication programs like Traffic Kaboom.  This is my honest review, I don’t pull any punches

SERP Movement

Traffic Kaboom can move a page up the SERPs.  Before I even continue, if you utilize article marketing or video marketing already then TK will be a great addition to your promotional tools.  You can simply use it as a distribution channel for the content you are already creating and get a lot more links and traffic from it.

If you don’t use articles or video and you’re just looking for some way to rank higher then I would recommend using a blog network like Rank Jumpers.  I think RJ has a stronger affect on rankings, but TK has some very cool benefits.

When it comes to increasing your rankings, Traffic Kaboom can do some wonders for your search traffic.  Check this out for example.

In that link you will see my site is in the top 3 for the search term “Ubot Studio Review” and if you examine further you’ll notice that I also have a video result which is the top 3.

Having 2 top results allows me to grab a much larger percentage of the clicks for that search term and because they are different media forms, I am not at risk for missing out on search users who only want to watch VS read the review.

Traffic Kaboom is a good tool to build links to your site and extremely powerful for increasing video rankings.  When combined together, it’s just awesome!

PageRank Distribution

The PageRank of the sites in Traffic Kaboom’s network is very low.

TK-PageRankThe good news is that unlike networks like BMR, your content in gets submitted to many different websites and you can have 2 links in each article (plus one to a video).  The difference is basically a much greater quantity of lower PR links.

Here’s the break-down:

PR 3: 5

PR 2: 5

PR 1: 14

PR 0: 47

Out of 71 sites that I had content syndicated to with my sample pool, the majority of them (66%) had a homepage PR of 0.

The average PR of a site my content was syndicated to was 0.5 PR.

Despite the lack of PR, the Traffic Kaboom network really surprised me with the quality and diversity of their sites in other measures.

Site Diversity

TK-Domain-ExtensionsBlog networks have been taking some serious hits recently.  Many major networks faced wide-spread deindexing and lost thousands of their blogs and hundreds of thousands of links.

That being said, I would say TK is probably one of the last networks that would ever get deindexed.  The differences from one site to the next are astronomical.

Unlike networks that just slap up a bunch of wordpress blogs with different themes, the TK network has sites with completely different structures and platforms.

The only problem I have with their sites is that many of them have little to no internal links leading to where your articles are syndicated.  This means it won’t really matter what the homepage PR is at all.

Another well-done aspect of the diversity in the network is their use of domain extensions.  They didn’t cheap out with all .info or .biz – the majority of their sites are .com (as they should be) and there is a good spread of other domains, some international and some country specific.

As for the diversity of domains my articles were published on:

My analysis showed a 93% uniqueness in syndication.  Meaning 93% of the sites my articles were published on were new sites that my content had not previously been published on.

Level of Distribution

This is the biggest difference between Traffic Kaboom and high PR blog networks.  Similar to Article Ranks and Article Marketing Automation, Traffic Kaboom works more as an article syndication platform.

You submit an article with as much or as little spin you want (as long as there’s some), and TK drip-feeds it throughout their network.

The amount of sites your content gets distributed to depends upon the length and amount of spin your article has.  My articles were about 400 words on average, and as you might know, I’m not a big fan of spinning so I just rewrote the first 3 sentences of each of my articles.

The average syndication level for my articles following this process was 15 sites.  At 3 articles a day, that is 45 backlinks per day – 90 if you include 2 links, and also 45 links to videos if you include them.

*This number would be higher if I spun my whole article

Niche-Specific or Non Niche-Specific

Traffic Kaboom did very well in this part.  The majority of the sites my content was submitted to were in the same niche.  On occasion, I got publication on random, irrelevant websites, but most were very good.

Also, the way the URLs are structured is very good on most sites too.  Only 8% of the sampled webpages had random characters in the URL.  All others had either the article’s title, or the article’s title and a preceding category.  For example:

By properly using the article title, the articles make for much more relevant webpages and better backlinks.

Length of time on homepage

As stated earlier, there are sites where articles are never published on the homepage and there are many where they are.  This factor is not as relevant to TK as with other blog networks, but during my analysis I found that published articles remained on the homepage any where from 1 day to 1 month or longer.

I would say the average is about a week.


During my research, I found Traffic Kaboom to have an indexing rate of about 76%.  This means if the dashboard says your article was syndicated to 25 sites, 19 of them will get indexed.  Not the best, but this seems good enough to me.

The indexing rate is not nearly as crucial as with a network like BMR where you only get 1 link so it’s all or nothing.

Ease of Use

TK takes a bit of getting used to, but it is well-explained and annotated so I never found myself confused or having difficulty using the system.  There is also a ton of training material teaching SEO and also best practices for how to use Traffic Kaboom.

After about 15 successful submissions I became a trusted author and no longer had to wait for review of my submissions before syndication.

Compared to submitting with an article submission software, using Traffic Kaboom is much easier and more reliable.

Final Thoughts

Traffic Kaboom cannot match the PageRank that other blog networks have to offer.  If you’re looking for a very simple solution to increase your rankings then another blog network might be your best bet.

Traffic Kaboom is an outstanding tool for increasing site and video rankings.  I would highly recommend Traffic Kaboom to anyone who already builds links with articles and videos as this will be a seamless transition for you, and you truly will see large gains in traffic.

If you found my review helpful please use my aff link above as a “Thank You!”

I think this review is pretty in-depth, but don’t make any blind purchases.  If you have any questions whatsoever just leave a comment!  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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