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Backlink Energizer Review

Here is my Backlink Energizer Review…

Backlink Energizer is a fantastic tool for getting your backlinks indexed.  The sad truth is that natural indexing rates for backlinks can be very very low.  Profile links and articles in directories can suffer from indexing rates well below 10%.  And here’s the sad truth…


If your links aren’t getting indexed then you might as well not even be building them!

What you need is a tool to help you give your backlinks a massive boost in indexation, and Backlink Energizer is just the tool offering that solution.  Here’s how Backlink Energizer works…

You install Backlink Energizer on your own WordPress site.  This is like your control hub for all of the energizing action.  From here, you enter the login details for your web 2.0 blogs or Self-Hosted WordPress blogs.  These are the sites that the links will actually be published on.  What BE does is automatically post from RSS feeds you’ve given it on these web 2.0 blogs or SHWP sites and at the bottom of each post it adds your backlinks.  The anchor text it uses is randomly chosen from a list that you input as well.

You have complete control over how many links per post and how many posts per day BE posts on your blogs.  You can sign-up for the web 2.0 blogs yourself or have their team build a “cluster” for you.  Also, you can always purchase your own domains and use them to post on without any risk of losing your sites for posting too much and getting marked as spam.

Now my Backlink Energizer Review wouldn’t be complete without a little proof…

That’s a screenshot from ScrapeBox I took showing 68% Indexation on a group of 98 backlinks from article directories.  The results with Backlink Energizer are very real if you use it properly.

Backlink Energizer

  • You’re In Control – Energize An UNLIMITED Number of Backlinks
  • Low One Time Fee
  • The Easiest System To Index High Volumes Of Backlinks
  • Fastest, Simplest, Best Priced Link Index Tool – BAR NONE

Don’t pay full price for Backlink Energizer either.  You can get it through the site here with a $20 discount.  If you’d like to grab your own discounted copy of BE then stop reading this Backlink Energizer Review and…

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