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40 RSS Feed Directories List & More Resources

You probably have an RSS feed.

In fact, you probably have many RSS feeds between multiple websites, web 2.0 properties, article directory profiles, and even your Facebook page. You can submit these for backlinks, traffic, and frankly you’ll have the search engine spiders crawling all over your content.

I’ll show you some popular places you have RSS feeds you may not be aware of, but first lets get to the RSS feed directories list!

Below you’ll find a list of 40 RSS feed directories you can submit to for free as well as some pertinent metrics including the directories’:

  • Homepage PageRank
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Whether or not they review or moderate

I have hand checked every site to make sure they still exist and haven’t been spammed to death. Also, I have submitted my site’s URL to each of them to make sure they are still active. This is the most up-to-date list of the best RSS directories around.

*The feed directories are linked to their submission page for ease of use.


Name/Metrics PageRank Alexa Ranking Moderated
Ice Rocket 6 6,570 No
GoldenFeed 1 42,586 Yes
Feedgy 0 56,566 No
Read A Blog 2 49,823 No
FeedPlex 3 40,269 Yes
RSS Network 6 33,228 No
Plazoo 5 28,271 No
Anse 3 117,116 Yes
RSS Motron 5 30,188 Login
Blogdigger 6 23,047 No
Twingly 7 28,595 No
RSS Micro 5 31,134 Login
RSS Mountain 6 50,839 Login
Million RSS 5 48,003 Yes
My Yahoo 9 4 Login
Blog Pulse 7 18,493 Yes
Feedage 6 5,793 Login
Feed Shark 6 19,068 No
Feed Cat 6 23,283 Login
NewzAlert 4 198,401 Login
4 Guys from Rolla 6 19,709 Yes
5 z 5 4 34,322 Yes
Anatech 4 279,786 Yes
FeedAgg 4 12,558 Login
RSS Directory 4 235,192 Yes
FeedListing 0 43,290 No
Feed Mailer 4 168,459 Login
Feed See 5 52,604 Yes
Leigh RSS 4 127,056 Yes
RSS Buffet 5 70,591 Yes
RSS Chomp 3 570,524 No
RSStop10 4 128,398 Yes
url fan 5 88,109 No
X Meta 3 106,107 No
Fuel My Blog 4 56,362 Login
BlogRoll Center 5 38,140 Join/Yes
Bloggapedia 6 29,634 Login
Blog Collector 0 75,475 No
blogBunch 3 65,721 No

Don’t submit manually – use RSS Launch!

Download my RSS submission software for free

RSS is Everywhere!

By submitting your site to the above directories you will quickly pick up many more subscribers. Can you imagine if you had more RSS feeds to promote your site with?

Guess what, you do!

Here are a few places you can find more RSS feeds to submit to directories and aggregators:

RSS Submission Tip:

A few of the above sites will auto-approve your feeds after you create an account.  Some of these will immediately show you the page where your feed and it’s content is hosted.  When you get this opportunity, take a minute to ping this page to help it get indexed.

You can also build links to these pages which will increase the amount of link juice getting passed to your site and recent blog posts.

Feed Tools & Resources:

RSS Button Maker: This tool lets you create your own custom buttons for displaying your RSS feed.

Feed Builders

These two sites allow you to put in links from any content and create an RSS feed from it.  If you’ve got some links you need indexed ASAP you can combine them into a custom RSS feed like this and then submit them to all the directories.


#2 Ice Rocket

Feed Embedder: This tool allows you to embed a display of your RSS feed’s content on a webpage.

Youtube feed creator: – I love this.  It allows you to input your Youtube user name and then it builds a video RSS feed for you, and yes it actually displays the thumbnails correctly.  If you do any video marketing you’ll want to utilize this.

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